Robot Stereotaxic Solutions by Neurostar

“We had this system (Neurostar) for over 3 years and used it quite a bit – on average 2-3 times a week for 2-3 rats at a time. I have only positive things to say about this system. Several grad students in my lab used it and learned the in vivo injection techniques using it. Overall, this is a very reliable and resilient system and I would recommend it without reservations.”
Victor Uteshev, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Stereotaxic systems

StereoDrive - Robot Stereotaxic
Using the Robot Stereotaxic, you can focus on the experiment without having to manipulate the stereotaxic. StereoDrive allows motorized, computer controlled stereotaxic positioning in all 3 orthogonal axes…
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Drill & Injection Robot
The Drill & Microinjection Robot allows highprecision injection without recalibrating after drilling. After loading the syringe you can perform injections in subsequent animals without tool exchange and without recalibration – all in one step…
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Drill Robot
As an add-on to the Motorized Stereotaxic the Drill Robot allows unprecedented precision for the drilling procedure required prior microinjection procedures or electrode placement…(>>Learn more) 
Injection Robot
The Injection Robot is the only ultraprecise microinjection system with software control and atlas integration.
It combines the benefits of the motorized stereotaxic (StereoDrive) and the versatile microinjection pump(InjectoMate)…
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robot stereotaxic and classical stereotaxic instrument comparison

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