StereoDrive – Motorized Stereotaxic

Laboratory team examining blue liquidStereoDrive allows motorized, computer controlled stereotaxic positioning in all 3orthogonal axes. Atlas integration and intuitive movement control enables high accuracy, high-throughput electrophysiology and stereotaxic injections.

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Why choose Motorized Stereotaxic?

Ultra precision

Software control

Atlas integration

Intuitive use

Robot Systems

Drill Robot
As an add-on to the Motorized Stereotaxic the Drill Robot allows unprecedented precision for the drilling procedure required prior microinjection procedures or electrode placement…(>>read more) 
Injection Robot
The Injection Robot is the only ultraprecise microinjection system with software control and atlas integration.
It combines the benefits of the motorized stereotaxic (StereoDrive) and the versatile microinjection pump(InjectoMate)…(>>read more) 
Drill & Injection Robot
The Drill & Microinjection Robot allows highprecision injection without recalibrating after drilling. After loading the syringe you can perform injections in subsequent animals without tool exchange and without recalibration – all in one step…(>>read more) 
Smart Bregma Finder
Neurostar has developed the Smart BregmaFinder – the automated Camera-Driven Probe Positioning System. The BregmaFinder controlls the Motorized Stereotaxic in order to precisily position the tip of the probe to the user-definded landmark…(>>read more) 

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