Robot Stereotaxic instrument – StereoDrive

Neurostar is the inventor and only manufacturer of the Robot Stereotaxic system StereoDrive. Using the Robot Stereotaxic, you can focus on the experiment without having to manipulate the stereotaxic. It allows motorized, computer controlled positioning of the probe. Atlas integration and intuitive movement control enables high accuracy, high-throughput electrophysiology and stereotaxic injections.


robot stereotaxic instrument rat brain atlas integration

  • Computer Control
  • Atlas Integration
  • Head Tilt Correction
  • Avoids Human Errors
  • Experiment Planning
  • Define/Store Targets
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Angle Adjustment
  • Bregma Setting
  • Ultra Precise
  • Time Saving
  • High Throughput

Elimination of common drawbacks:

  • One of StereoDrive‘s outstanding advantage is that you no longer have to concentrate on the conversion of frame coordinates into atlas coordinates. With StereoDrive you focus on the atlas and letting the software do all required calculations.
  • StereoDrive achieves an unprecedented high-precision positioning unachieved by manual or digital-readout stereotaxic instruments.
  • Using StereoDrive, probe positioning is executed computer controlled eliminating hand-transmitted vibrations.

For further information download our Robot Stereotaxic Suite brochure.


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