NanoW – Wireless Capillary Nanoinjector


rat-brain-atlas2The Neurostar wireless glass-capillary Nanoinjector was specially designed to perform accurate ultraprecise nanoliter volume injections. NanoW uses borosilicate capillaries that can be pulled to ultrathin tips to achieve minimal harm to the tissue.
NanoW can be used as a standalone device for oocyte or embryo injections, but also attached to a stereotaxic instrument. In combination with the Motorized Stereotaxic it benefits of the Robot features making it an Nanoinjection Robot, similar to to Microinjection Robot.


  • Wireless Glass-Capillary Ultraprecise Nanoinjector
  • Computer controlled, intuitive interface
  • iPhone/iPad control (optional)
  • User defined Injection Volumes, starting from 1 nl
  • User defined Injection Rates, starting from 2 nl/s
  • Uses direct piston displacement
  • In Vitro or In Vivo experiments
  • Can be mounted on micromanipulators/stereotaxic
  • Robot Mode, Multisite Injections in combination with the Robot Stereotaxic
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10
For further information download our Robot Stereotaxic Suite brochure.


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