Stereotaxic Drill Robot

Tired of hand-guided, faulty drilling? Switch over to this smart and accurate CNC-machine. The stereotaxic Drill Robot allows unprecedented precision for the drilling procedure required prior stereotaxic microinjection procedures or electrode placement.

The Drill Robot is fully driven by the computer controlled Robot Stereotaxic system. The advancement steps of the drill (below 50µm) are computer controlled eliminating the human induced errors and deviations.Drill Autostop: The new Autostop Drilling functionality detects by electrical measurements when the skull is penetrated and stops all movements immediately (rotation of the drill bit and advancement in DV). This allows automatic drilling without damaging the underlying brain tissue.


robot stereotaxic motorized

  • Depth controlled, Safe Drilling
  • Autostop Drilling
  • Sharp Edge Craniotomy
  • Brain-Windowing
  • Skull Thining
  • Full control by the Robot Stereotaxic software with Atlas Integration
  • High accuracy positioning of the Burr Hole with depth control
  • Eliminates human-induced errors
  • Use of Bregma-related coordinates
  • Including the Robot Stereotaxic

For further information download our Robot Stereotaxic Suite brochure.


Robot Stereotaxic Systems