Drill and Injection Robot

The Drill & Microinjection Robot is a unique stereotaxic instrument for automated drilling, followed by ultraprecise injection without tool exchange. After loading the syringe you can perform injections in subsequent animals without recalibration. Atlas integration, intuitive computer control of the stereotaxic frame and alignment correction ensure that all the procedures are precise and efficient.


  • robot stereotaxic rat brain atlas integrationHigh Throughput Drill & Inject
  • No Tool Exchange
  • Define/Store Protocols
  • Multisite Microinjections
  • Ideal for Optogenetics applications
  • Precise Depth Control
  • Brain Windowing
  • Contour Drilling
  • Smooth Edges
  • Skull Thinning

For further information download our Robot Stereotaxic Suite brochure.


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