About Neurostar

Neurostar was founded in Germany in 2002.
Neurostar develops medical and research systems.
For neurosurgeons they invented the most powerful DBS System. The system allows a refined target localization and exploration in deep brain stimulation surgery.

For neuroscientists they invented the Robot Stereotaxic. This allows motorized, computer controlled stereotaxic positioning in all 3 orthogonal axes.
Neuroscientists all over the world could focus on their experiments without having to manipulate the stereotaxic.


The brain is a truly extraordinary instrument that we are only just beginning to understand. The hundred billion or so neurons that go to make up the brain still make it the most complex structure on earth.

Neurostar offers the most advanced stereotaxic solutions to perform cutting-edge research on the brain. Probe positioning with the Robot Stereotaxic has never been so easy and at the same time so highly accurate. Atlas integration, automated positioning and intuitive movement facilitate the day to day research, obtaining high quality and repeatable results. Unlike digital stereotaxic instruments, the Robot Stereotaxic StereoDrive not only displays the actual coordinates, but de facto reaches the desired target.

Our team

On our team there are doctors, neuroscientists as well as mechanical, software and electronic engineers. They work together tightly and are thrilled to come up with new ideas sweeping the neuroscientist and neurosurgery world.

We pride ourselves to offer customized service trying to meet every customer’s demands. Our technical support is friendly and striving to find the best solution.